Scary procedure of Intravenous Cannulation | I.V Cannula | Safety I.V Cannula

Inserting a big needle in a vein, always scare people right? Well in most of the cases it has been observed by the Doctors and the Nursing staff that the patients get terrified when they see a nurse approaching for an Intravenous Cannulation. Of course, it causes great pain when a needle pierces through the … Continue reading

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Refresh yourself using Intravenous Infusion | I.V Infusion Set

We all know that I.V infusion or Intravenous infusion is done whenever we are extremely or moderately sick, where we cannot take the important fluids or liquids orally. In that case, the doctor or the nursing staff uses I.V infusion for treating such illness. But, only if we are sick we can use Intravenous infusion? … Continue reading

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Be Accurate and Correct while performing transfusion therapy using: Measured Volume Set (M.V Set)

There are various types of Infusion sets available for Intravenous therapy and blood transfusion therapy. These therapies include the transfer of fluids or blood (or its components) directly to the vein. The choice of the infusion sets depends upon the therapy or treatment the doctor is giving to the patient. Some cases where the exact … Continue reading

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