Setting up the rate of flow in an IV Flow Regulator

An I.V flow regulator set is a device that is used to transfer the liquid to the human body; it also has a regulator that is used to set the rate of flow of the liquid which will flow through set to the patient’s body. Unlike pumps and clamp roller regulator controllers, this device is completely different.

An I.V Flow Regulator is a new technology that is trending these days due to the accurate transfer of the fluid during Intravenous therapy. The feature of just setting up the amount of flow (in milliliters) catches the eye of every doctor and the nursing staff of the Medical and Healthcare sector.

IV flow regulator’s usage depends upon the treatment the patient is getting from the doctor. It may not be necessary to involve IV flow regulator in such therapies where there is no requirement of another device.

This device can help in many ways, so the nursing staff should know the instructions and use a flow regulator properly. Lack of knowledge can prove out to be dangerous for the patients.

A proper sanitized condition should be there in order to use an IV flow regulator. The drip should be hung at a good height and hand should be low. Before using this device the hands and surrounding should be properly sanitized with alcohol wraps. After inserting the needle in the vein and setting up the process, the rate of flow is being set according to the requirement and it is monitored by the nursing staff.

Such new devices can save much time for doctors and the nursing staff and can prove out to be a good device in the field of Intravenous therapy by flowing the exact amount of essential liquids without many problems, but its usage should be clear to the ones who are using it.

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