Safety I.V Cannula; the next upgraded version of IV Cannula

Many safety needles were introduced from time to time. They were all introduced with an idea to make it better from before. We know there are several drawbacks of needle injuries and infections. To overcome that, new technologies, products are introduced every year. One of the new technologies which are introduced in the health and … Continue reading

July 9, 2019 Safety I.V Cannula

Intravenous Catheter insertion and basic knowledge of Intravenous therapy

The main purpose of Intravenous catheter insertion or IV catheter insertion is to infuse medicines to perform intravenous therapy in the human body. In some cases where the medicines, fluids or other essential and important liquids are not being taken orally, in that case, intravenous therapy is used to supply such important elements directly to … Continue reading

July 5, 2019 Uncategorized
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