Three Ball Lung Exerciser

Prociser – Three Ball Lung Exerciser

A three-ball lung exerciser, also known as a spirometer or respiratory exerciser, is a medical device used to improve lung function and promote respiratory health. It is designed to help patients with respiratory conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or postoperative patients, to strengthen their respiratory muscles and expand their lung capacity. The main features and components of a three-ball lung exerciser include: Three Balls: The lung exerciser consists of three colored balls of different sizes housed within a clear plastic chamber. Each ball corresponds to a specific level of inhalation effort and indicates the amount of air being inspired by the patient.
  • Facilitates lung exercise through deep and prolonged inspiration.
  • Helps in maintaining or regaining fitness of the lungs.
  • Calibrated and clear three stage chambers for efficient exercise.
  • Transparent and calibrated chambers with colour coded triple balls allows visual calibration and estimation of the patient’s lungs fitness progress.
  • Advised during post surgery rehabilitation.
  • Sleek and stable design with soft corrugated tube and mouth piece.
  • With accommodative groove for tubing when not in use.
  • Non Sterile.
  • Individually Pouch & Carton packed.
  • Packing :- 28 pcs per Master carton.
  • Master Carton dimension : 53.5×30×36 cm.

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