Blood Transfusion Set

Conventional Blood Transfusion Set

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Conventional Blood Transfusion Set

A blood transfusion or blood administrator set is used for the intravascular delivery of:
  • Blood
  • Blood elements (red blood cells, platelets, plasma).
This is employed to ensure a gravity-controlled, safe transfer of blood from the blood bag to the patient.

Principal Components

The main components of a blood transfusion set typically include:
  • Spike

This is a sharp, pointed needle-like component that is inserted into the blood bag or blood product container to access the contents. We offer sharp vented/non-vented spike suitable for blood bags and all type of standard blood containers.
  • Transparent & flexible drip chamber

200 micron blood filter prevents passage of any clot into the chamber. Delivers approximately 20 drops/ml.
  • Soft & kink resistant PVC tube, 150 cm long.

This serves as the passage for the fluid to flow, allowing you to observe the flow rate. Soft and kink-resistant. 150 cms long.
  • Drip Chamber

The transparent chamber allows you to gain visual access to the fluid and adjust its level as required. We offer a choice of single or double drip chamber.
  • Luer slip/Luer lock

Luer fittings for leak-free connection to allow the transfer of fluids. Choice of Luer lock or Luer slip, with or without needle.
  • Choice of Latex flush bulb /”Y” injection port / Latex free.
  • Our blood transfusion set is fully EO sterilized
Choice of packing: HM Pouch / Soft Blister. Packing: 25/350 sets per master pouch/master carton. Master carton dimension: 67×44×31 cm.

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