Safety I.V Cannula; the next upgraded version of IV Cannula

Many safety needles were introduced from time to time. They were all introduced with an idea to make it better from before. We know there are several drawbacks of needle injuries and infections. To overcome that, new technologies, products are introduced every year.

One of the new technologies which are introduced in the health and medical sector is Safety I.V Cannula or Safety I.V Catheter. Unlike others, it is more safe and easy to use medical equipment used in intravenous therapy. Intravenous therapy involves the transfer of important fluids, liquids, medicines and other important elements that a person cannot take orally. As a result, a needle is being inserted in a selected vein by the nursing staff and essential fluid or liquid is transferred to the patient’s body.

Intravenous therapy is nowadays followed almost everywhere. As it is a very successful phenomenon to treat the illness of patients. As this procedure involves the piercing of vein, the device that is used for this (IV Cannula) must be of good quality. There are many instances where due to the bad quality product had caused infection, needlestick injuries during the intravenous therapy.

To overcome this issue, the Safety IV Catheter is introduced. It has a sharp needle that features a Universal Bevel that is designed for a wider choice of insertion angles and produces less tearing. This type of needle can be very useful for a patient as well as for the nursing staff.

Another benefit of Safety I.V Cannula is that it is light in weight and it has a more compact design, which can potentially lower the storage and waste disposal costs. This can turn out to be one of the best advantages of having Safety I.V Cannula.

It is also seen that the passive safety design ensures the safety mechanism is always activated which prevents re-insertion of the stylet. Further, it also helps in less blood exposure to the nursing staff, which can help in the prevention of infection.

Adding to the benefits of Safety I.V Cannula, it has a translucent hub for easy flashback visualization. This helps in easy cannulation process and it also helps in minimizing the blood exposure.

It is also seen that using Safety I.V Cannula also reduces the needlestick injuries in medical and nursing staff.

The highly upgraded tip allows easy insertion or penetration of the needle in the vein, thus it reduces the amount of pain suffered by the patient and it becomes easy for the doctor or the nursing staff to carry out the procedure of Cannulation.

Various types of Safety I.V Catheters are used nowadays like some have different length needle ( which is according to the type of therapy patient is getting), while others may have wings for a better grip. Some safety IV cannulas also have an injection port which helps in transferring medicine without stopping the IV therapy. Due to its price, sometimes medical and health departments use normal IV Cannula. But, if there is any advancement in technology which helps in so many ways, then we should try to adopt the same.

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