Safety I.V Cannula and its characteristics

It is well said that the changes in our surroundings and technologies always gives us a great benefit most of the time. Most of the changes are made to enhance the quality and durability of certain products, which create a huge impact on the market and the lives of the people.

Where some of the changes are made to enhance the quality and durability, the other changes are made to modify or change the structure of a product keeping the technology the same.

One of the examples of a change that changed the lives of the people and helped medical staff to perform intravenous therapies with ease is with the existence of the Safety I.V Catheter. Safety I.V Catheter means a device that is used to supply fluids directly or indirectly to the patient’s bloodstream.

The needle of the catheter or cannula is inserted into a vein of an appropriate size, then the medicine, liquids, drugs are supplied to the patient.

Earlier a normal I.V Cannula was used for the intravenous cannulation process but there were few setbacks for the I.V Cannula as well. To overcome that Safety I.V Cannula was introduced. It is more reliable and can be used with fewer efforts than the normal I.V Cannula. It has advanced safety features that ensure the safety of the patients as well as the nursing staff.

It has improved needle which is made up of stainless steel which helps in easy penetration and less pain for the patients who are up for the intravenous therapy. It also has a translucent hub for instant flashback visualization.

The safety I.V Cannula also helps the doctors and nursing staff to avoid needle stick injuries, its design minimizes the risk of needle stick injuries which can turn out to be very dangerous for the nursing staff & doctors.

Most of the Safety I.V Cannula has wings to provide extra grip at the time of insertion and additional injection port for the infusion of fluids/ medicines without stopping the ongoing therapy. 

Although there is a difference in the price between Cannula and Safety Cannula unlike safety features of IVC make it worth using as more important is the well being and safety of nursing staff and doctors.  

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