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We all know that I.V infusion or Intravenous infusion is done whenever we are extremely or moderately sick, where we cannot take the important fluids or liquids orally. In that case, the doctor or the nursing staff uses I.V infusion for treating such illness. But, only if we are sick we can use Intravenous infusion? Well, let’s find out!

The answer can be seen in this article. Many health clinics or Naturopathic Clinics have brought certain things that would help our busy and fast generation to refresh properly after spending time doing hard work and labor. That “certain things” is supplying essential vitamins and antioxidants to your body through Intravenous drips. According to Naturopathic Clinics, “having a busy life often brings up many factors in our body which can lead to long term illness. These drips can help in avoiding those factors.”

These vitamins would be supplied to a person by piercing an appropriate vein (mostly arm) by using a needle that is connected to Intravenous Infusion Set and that set is connected to a cocktail of vitamins packed in a drip.

According to Naturopathic clinics, “this will combat the symptoms of Flu, Hay Fever, Sunburn and many more. The main logic behind this is to cure lack of Vitamins, the sign of aging and will help in shaking off any impurities from the body so that the person will feel energetic and refreshed”.

Adding the above statement, “the person will feel more energy in his or her body and will get better sleep. It will also reduce the chances of getting sick. The therapy roughly takes 30-40 minutes and its effect would last for 2-3 weeks”.

As from the above, we came to know that intravenous infusion can be used to refresh or to give energy to our body. But, is it safe?

Well, the amount of vitamins required by our body should be properly examined. Excess of vitamins can cause many problems. So, if anyone is willing to refresh his or her body, then they should first consult with a doctor as they would know what exactly is best for your body. If they feel its safe then they would also tell you the amount of vitamins which would be required for your body. They’d also check whether a certain vitamin is suitable for you if you’re taking prescribed medicines.  

Without consultation, it may lead to several drawbacks, as an excess of everything is bad. If consumed in large doses, certain vitamins may raise your risk of a disease like cancer. We should keep our doctor in the whole loop to avoid these kinds of risks.

Health and Medical sectors are developing new modes to bring comfort and a healthy lifestyle day by day. Every day, new things come up with many advantages and disadvantages. Staying positive and thinking about only advantages is a good way to approach new technology, but we should also pay our attention to the drawbacks as well.

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