New Era of Intravenous Cannulation by using Safety I.V Cannula

Intravenous therapy is one of the most common therapies given to patients by doctors and nursing staff in the hospital. In the case of perfect cannulation, medical staff should keep in mind that 80% of your skillset is required and the rest 20% is merely luck.

In earlier days when there was no Safety I.V Cannula, the cannulation process was being carried out by the normal I.V Cannula. Some of the greatest minds on earth found a way to decrease the amount of pain a patient suffers during the cannulation process and intravenous therapy.

The invention of Safety I.V Cannula provided a way of easy and comfortable treatment. Every therapy where there is a need for intravenous therapy leads to discomfort and pain for the patient because some therapies last long. In that case, we needed something that would help the patients to reduce the amount of pain and discomfort.

According to many medical experts, “psychological condition of the patient is good when the therapy is not for a long period; they bear the pain of the therapy and the cannulation process. But, if the therapy is for a prolonged period then little discomfort makes them angry and mad”.

The Safety I.V Cannula has Trisectional bevel (Tribevel) needles that have an advanced tip for the smoother and comfortable vein entry. The patients won’t feel much pain as compared to others. This makes one of the many reasons for choosing Safety I.V Cannula over the others.

It also provides an instant flashback which reduces blood exposure. This helps in avoiding any kind of infection to the patient and the nursing staff or medical staff.

Most of the doctors and patient are happy with the Safety I.V Cannula because during the intravenous therapy they can move their hand a bit without any pain and trouble. This not only helps them to stay comfortable but also makes it easy for the medical staff to carry out various tests and inject with other import fluids without making them angry.

The Safety I.V Cannula has created a special image in the field of medical and health care sector by reducing the chances of the needle-stick injuries caused to the medical or nursing staff during the removal of the needle. Around 20% of the medical staff reported that they have been a victim of the needle stick injuries, where some injuries were normal but some became very serious. Now, this percentage is reduced to 10% after the introduction of Safety I.V Cannula. Many hospitals and healthcare departments have introduced safety i.v cannula in their team to carry out the intravenous therapy more easily. But still, there are few hospitals and health centers where they still use the old fashioned cannula to treat the patients because the cost of Safety I.V Cannula is much higher than the normal cannula.

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