I.V Extension Line for Intravenous Therapy

An I.V extension line is used in all the medical disciplines where the Intravenous therapy is performed. Common I.V sets can be extended using the extension lines thus not limiting the length of the Intravenous sets. It is widely used all around the globe.

The I.V Extension line can be very useful in such cases where the liquid or fluid administrator is being kept at a distance. When a drip is being hanged on an I.V drip hanger, the extension line would help in transferring the fluid which is being kept at a distance.

There are various lengths and sizes available in the I.V extension line depending upon the requirement of the patient. The length can vary from 30 cm to 3.20 m. As the size of the I.V extension increases the rate of flow of the fluid or liquid will decrease and vice versa.

It has not only provided length to the I.V Set, but it has also provided comfort to the patients as well. Whenever the patients have to move from one place to another the I.V extension helps them to do so.

I.V extension also helps in reducing thrombotic events such as thrombophlebitis i.e. Thrombophlebitis is basically an inflammatory process that causes a blood clot to form which blocks one or more veins, usually in the legs. The vein which is being affected may be near the surface of the skin or deep within a muscle.

However, it must be kept in the mind of the medical staff that the I.V extension should not be used as an extension line for syringe pumps. The inner tube of the Intravenous extension is kept very smooth for laminar and non–turbulent flow. 

The I.V Extension Minimizes mechanical irritation of blood vessels being used for access. It can be said that it can be very useful for patients who are getting intravenous therapy for a long period of time.

The manufacturing companies these days work a lot on the quality and durability of the I.V Extension in order to provide the patients and the Health and Medical Care departments a trusted and faithful product.

Many safety and promising features are added in the I.V extension lines in order to make it better from before by the manufacturers. This type of approach is required to get the best quality of Medical Equipment that will help the Medical sector to cure the patients more easily.

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