ProFist™ – AV Fistula Needle

  • AV Fistula Needle allows venous and arterial access for patients undergoing hemodialysis.
  • Ultra-thin wall stainless steel needle (with or without back-eye) siliconized on both internal and external surfaces.
  • Provides optimum penetration profile.
  • Minimizes pain during insertion , Maximizes smooth, laminar flow
  • USP Class VI soft, kink-resistant tubing made from medical-grade PVC.
  • Rotating, color-coded wings facilitate flipping of needle while allowing for easy gripping and fixation.
  • Orientation dot on needle hub enables precise maneuvering of bevel.
  • Luer has universal 6% taper to allow smooth connection with standard bloodline sets.
  • Available in single pack or twin-pack for better use of space.
  • Available “with” or “without” Back-Eye needle.
  • Available with Red, Blue or White Clamp.
  • Available with 15 cm or 30 cm Tubing.
  • Sizes : 15 G, 16 G & 17 G.
  • Individually sterile & blister packed.
  • Packing : 50/1000 pcs per Inner /Master carton.
  • Master carton dimension : 67×44×28 cm.

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