It can be said that syringes are the most necessary device in the Medical and Healthcare sector. Though very few of us know about its importance. It was invented in 1853 by physician Alexander Wood and Pravaz in Scotland.  Today, hypodermic syringes are an indispensable tool for Medical and Healthcare centers all over the world. It has allowed us to quickly inject vaccines, antibiotics and many kinds of drugs. As it seems like a simple device, its invention has helped a lot to save millions of lives.

As the world advances, so does medical equipment. The first disposable syringe was invented in the late 1960s by a U.S company. As soon as disposable syringes entered the market, there was a huge demand for it, many manufacturers tried hard to fulfill the requirement along with the best quality product. These Hypodermic Syringes have a long past, like first they were made metals and after few years they were made of glass.

But, due to some complications in some cases, the idea of disposable syringes came up. Nowadays, most of people don’t know about the actual origin of these hypodermic syringes which looks so simple.

The needles of the hypodermic syringes are made up of stainless steel which is made sharp from the front for easy penetration. Scientists are working on a project in which they are trying to make needle shots painless. This would be another big step in the Health and Medical sector as it will make it easy for the children to get medicine or vaccine shot.

Many hypodermic syringe manufacturing companies are trying to make more advanced products so that the doctors and the nursing staff can easily inject medicines, drugs and other vaccines in patients without any pain.

Mostly the syringe is made by molding transparent plastic barrel by using polypropylene. The plunger is made from Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) Gasket for the smooth movement. These syringes are sterilized using Ethylene Oxide gas. Size of the syringes may vary according to the amount of medicine, drug or vaccine required. For More Information please visit our website:-