Yankauer Suction Set

A Yankauer suction set is a medical device used for suctioning fluids, secretions, and debris from a patient’s airway during surgical procedures or in medical settings where suctioning is required. It consists of a rigid plastic suction tip, a flexible suction tubing, and a connection to a suction source.

The main components and features of a Yankauer suction set include:

Suction Tip: The suction tip of a Yankauer set is made of rigid plastic and has a large, open-end with multiple side holes. It is designed to effectively suction fluids and debris from the patient’s airway.

Suction Tubing: The suction tip is connected to a flexible suction tubing that allows for easy maneuverability and connection to the suction source. The tubing is typically transparent to enable visual inspection and monitoring of the suctioned material.

  • Suitable for pre-operative removal of secretion and body fluids.
  • Cut to fit funnel connector to suit different suction pump lines at proximal end.
  • Standard funnel connector at distal end of tubing to connect Yankauer Handle.
  • Yankauer Handle is open end with 4 lateral eyes to withstand negative pressure and ensures continuous and easy suction of fluid.
  • Yankauer Handle available in standard or crown tip with or without Vaccum thumb control.
  • Soft and kink resistant ribbed PVC tubing.
  • Available in tube length of 210 cm, 250 cm and 300 cm.
  • Available Sterile and Non Sterile.
  • Packed individually in Poly pack/Ribbon Pouch pack.
  • Packing : 15/60 set per inner carton/master carton.
  • Master carton dimension : 45×40×48 cm.

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