Luer Lock Injection Site

Luer Lock Injection Site

A Luer lock injection site is a small, self-sealing device used in medical settings for aseptic medication administration and blood sampling. It features a plastic housing with a self-sealing septum inside and a female Luer lock connector. When a compatible syringe or medical device is connected to the Luer lock connector, the septum temporarily opens to allow fluid transfer or sampling. Once the device is removed, the septum reseals, preventing leakage and maintaining a closed system. Luer lock injection sites provide a secure and sterile connection point, allowing for convenient access to IV lines without direct line puncture, reducing the risk of contamination.

  • Generally used for taking blood samples with the help of syringe and needle.
  • To Stop I.V. Cannulae when not in use.
  • Integrated valve within the stopper to allow drug administration into the Cannulae without unscrewing it.
  • Universal 6% taper as per ISO 594, compatible with any standard product.
  • Minimum dead space.
  • Latex free option also available.
  • Individually sterile & blister packed
  • Packing : 250/2500pcs per inner/master carton
  • Master carton dimension : 54×29×18 cm